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Celle was born from a collaboration with Katie Lee Grant. The truth was that everything was very casual, we met in an afterwork and we started talking and we agreed on the topics we talked about, so we shared our e-mails to keep in touch.

The idea and concept

A couple of weeks later, from her residence in France, Katie sent me the concept and I was captivated by the idea, so it did not take me long to propose a Skype call to start working on the project and develop it together at a distance.


For this session I decided to go back to my origins and shoot on film, the original idea was crying out to use film rolls, so I took the Leica M6 out of the box to do some first tests on location and check light and all the technical aspects, among others the ISO with which I had to work, since on film, options are drastically reduced.

Next step … find stylist! and I was really lucky because Mireia Sánchez, had a hole in her agenda and she loved the concept of Katie, so we got together and started working on it, well, rather she proposed and I nodded hehehe.
Everything was going really smooth: the established concept, styling going on and the film tests developing.
For makeup and hairdressing, I counted on Miriam Tió, who was already aware of the project and working on the make up moodboards; unfortunately he came up with a many many many days job and obviously had to set priorities. But with all her good heart she brought to the team Concha Rodríguez, a real luxury, who was also recently arrived from London with a lot of new ideas and accompanied by Álvaro Sánchez for the hairdressing ?… What else?
The model was the only thing left to close; we had a couple of weeks of casting and we had a couple of girls that we loved, so I decided to do a Go&See to be able to decide, and in this way Camile from TrendModels joined the team.

The Shooting

The shooting began in the middle of the morning with the light we needed, although for this we had to get up a little earlier to be ready with the first rays that were going well for us.

And finally the moment arrived, click … and the wonderful sound of advancing film, and again a light click … I would have liked to be able to show my little face of emotion with a making off that we recorded, but that for other people’s reasons was lost; but those who know me can imagine my smile of emotion.
We were shooting a long day taking advantage of the natural light of Espacio ImasD, mixing it with continuous light, special effects of smoke, … honestly a real pleasure until the end of the session!


The next day I had to bring all the film rolls to the laboratory with the indications for development … and now time to wait!
Three days and three nights later came the moment of truth … and I loved the result!

The Selections and NO Retouching

One of the reasons why I decided to shoot on film was to praise the romantic mood of the concept, the other was to avoid the phrase: «this will be fixed in postpo», so this time the retouching phase was directly eliminated and once the selection was made … ¡finito concerto pianista morto!







not everything is in here...

Let’s go for the next one! I hope you like the final result and can tell you more anecdotes of my sessions very soon.
Have a happy day!

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