Affinity Advance Pet Care Campaign

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the phone call

While I was on another film set shooting another campaign, I received a call from a well known acquaintance, Ferran Prado, who together with Mercé Molina manage the production company Laura Palmer. If you don’t know them, I recommend that you look at his work on his website.

After a few minutes catching up he explained me how little he knew about this campaign: the day it was going to be shot, the number of photos that had to be done and asked if I had pictures of animals on my webith; with “all” this information I threw myself into the pool.

the preparation

As happens most times you have to go to a shoot, you don’t know what light you will find, what space you will have to illuminate and neither the million dollar question: how much time will I have to make the photos? And you ask yourself: and then how do you do to be able to carry out the photo session?

The answer is complex: to begin with, and although it sounds topical, experience is a degree; after 15 years doing advertising pictures and mostly during filming, you have a rough idea of ​​what the client and the agency want from you, so you already have a list of things to do and things you do not do enough elaborated. On the other hand, plays in my favor my beginnings in the world of cinema working as an electrical assistant, which taught me the roles of each person on a film set and who is your best friend in it.

the filming

Once you’re on the set, everything is much simpler, basically you need to be patient and wait, wait and keep waiting, until your moment arrives, usually not more than ten minutes, although I have to say that this time I had one wonderful hour to be able to take the photo shoot, it was at 2:00 a.m. after 13 hours of shooting, so everyone was really tired, very tired.

Affinity Advance ad campaign by Marc Diez
…behind the scenes…

If you add to the complications of taking pictures in a shoot you add to working with animals and the tiredness accumulated by the puppy you know that you do not have many opportunities to get all the final images you need; So first I decided to do a few rehearsals with an adorable teddy to later be able to take action with our beautiful French bulldog puppy, who to be honest behaved wonderfully and did his work as a model divinely.

The result

Photos good enough to satisfy the needs of the client within the circumstances that always involve a shooting on a film set. Below two more pics of the commercial campaign.

Affinity Advance ad campaign by Marc Diez Affinity Advance ad campaign by Marc Diez

Thank you very much for Laura Palmer for pampering me and taking care of me throughout the work and the agency for the trust placed in me to carry out the work.

Regards and see you soon!



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