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A couple of cafes and some meeting

When I sat down with Ana, communication director at Caboclo Brasil, for the first time in December to make a session I fell in love with their project and how to maintain an ethical and sustainable vision can help a community by growing your company.

the job

In April we sat down again, this time they wanted to open the online store and explain the whole manufacturing process, with the aim of defining their image as a company, clearly far removed from the typical e-commerce. With this challenge in hand and all the photographic references they had given me, I was testing the photographic studio to unify everything in a single concept that would meet all the features they wanted.

Once all the pre-production was closed, the two days of photo shoot came, very tight, to be able to realize all the images that needed; Luckily all the material had been prepared in advance from the brand with much affection and during the photo session they were very concerned that all the details needed to carry it out were always ready; The truth is that customers like Caboclo Brazil make a photo shoot easier.

the session

The first day of session we dedicated to photographing all models of shoes in the three positions they needed, more than twelve hours shooting shoes make one want to go barefoot for life! Believe me The second day, they played the images with models, not that it was easier since we had to make a lot of photos, but it was much more fun and also more human hehehe.

After several days with the process of retouching the final images were delivered, from here I thank Caboclo Brazil enormously for all the trust they placed in me in order to grow their company and those two magnificent pairs of shoes with which they presented me at the end of the session.

If you want to see more photos, do not miss the Caboclo Brasil online shop for women or men and of course buy some spectacular shoes that, in addition to last a lifetime, will help to grow a community in Brazil.

Regards and see you soon!



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