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Wrong number?

I was already leaving the studio when a call came in, it was from Pronovias. To be honest, the first thing I thought is that it was wrong, mainly because I don’t have any wedding fashion shoot on my website, but it wasn’t! They saw my lifestyle and fashion work and liked my style to lead a street wedding lifestyle editorial with two of their wedding dresses for Rosa y Gris, a clientele from Bolivia with Ana Lucía (@thebigbrowneyes), a Bolivian influencer.
If all this was already exciting for me, it become even more challenging when I was told I had only two days to find a crew, prepare the shooting and do location scouting, and not just anywhere than in the Gothic quarter of the City, that except at 7:00 am the rest of the day is fully crowed by tourists, if you haven’t visited yet book a flight to visit it, it is just gorgeous!

Let’s do it!

Remember I just told you I was leaving the studio? Well at that moment I was inside again contacting a stylist, a makeup artist and a photo assistant, with wedding fashion experience. Thanks god we, the freelance, always respond to the phone no matter the time (although later we complain :))
The next day I went to do some location scouting and decide where to take the photo shoot, the wedding dresses are not characterized by being easy to wear and less to sightsee with them.
Once I decided the locations and the hours of filming, were only left small details and to study Ana Lucía‘s profile to know what were their best angles, as I was going completely blind.

The session

For the session, I decide to use a portable compact lighting flash gear; once again, so thankful to Casanova Foto for his good treatment and for the speed to manage all the material that needed with Innovafoto, the distributor. One tip, working always with the same distributors may save your ass on more than one occasion.

The wedding shooting with Ana Lucia was super easy thanks to her good work as a bride, she immediately understood the concept I had explained to her, and best of all, she also loved the idea proposed; so much that we ended up drinking some shots of tequila all together due to the last photo had to be done with it.

Here you can see some of the images we made during that wedding photo shoot, there are some others that are still pending to be able to come out. I hope you like them!

Very grateful to all the crew, as always was great, because if something I have clear is that the images I make are not only as a result of my experience and knowledge, but the work of an entire team; thanks Patrycja, Oliva and Isra! And of course thanks to Pronovias and Rosa y Gris for their trust!

Greetings and see you soon!



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