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the perfect menu

If they tell you that you are going to work with Carne Viva, La Despensa and Beeafeater what do you think? Barbecue in the garden right? errorrrrr … hehehe
I’m talking about photos during filming, Carne Viva is a duo of filmmakers from the producer BrotherInLaw Films, the sea of ​​friendly people who were in charge of carrying out the latest promotional campaign for Beefeater at the hands of La Despensa and with whom I had the pleasure to be able to share a whole day of work.


As always, in the sessions during filming, one of the most important elements is the pre-production, to avoid the “playing catch” as in the filming of LeLynx; although it is also true that at the end of the shoot you never know what is going to happen.

For this shoot I asked to make the technical location next to the filming crew, because we were going to a building without water and light, so if I was going to need something I had to know in advance to notify the production house.

Familiarizing myself with the spaces where they are going to shoot and knowing the scenes that are going to be done in each location helps me to be able to speak the same language with the assistant director during the stress of shooting and makes things much easier for the production team and myself.

rolling day

6.00 am the alarm sounds … what a joyyy 🤪

At 8.00 am I am already on the set and they introduce me to the creative team; from the minute zero we are already laughing, I really appreciate working with such nice people, that also helps a lot, a looot.

Mid-morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast thanks to BrotherInLaw Films (the production company) arrives my turn and we started shooting a super cool animated GIF to then make a fashion session with X, one of the models. What more could you want? Go to make a publi and have the freedom of the world of fashion …

To give you an idea of ​​the shooting madness here I leave this making off that he did Pepe de la Rosa, friend and dop with whom I coincided on more than one occasion.

What else can I tell you? The rest of the filming was an authentic crush as we are accustomed, Beefeater with their creativity of the hand Pepe, Sonia, Hector and Marcos. So to keep you awake more, I’d better leave you the images and the video of Carne Viva, a couple of cracks that will surely have to talk …



Once again, thank you very much to all the great team of BrotherInLaw Films, to the agency and to the models for their patience in their moments of rest that lent me their best attitude to obtain the best possible result.

Keep an eye on the news through my Instagram, I hope to tell you another experience very soon. Happy day!



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