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This assignment started with an e-mail from Paco Marcó asking me if I could do some corporate portraits, and I loved it because for some time I have been working to get more commissions of this type, so the answer was obvious: of course yes!

After trying to meet with him and see that our schedules did not fit, we decided to make a Skype call to speak and discuss the session.

the skype call

Paco had very clear from the beginning what he wanted and how he wanted to develop the corporate image of Insikt Intelligence, so the conversation was based more on listening to what their needs were and asking for a bit of time to be able to show him some reference.

A couple of days later I spoke to him to propose a light set up based on his needs and e voilà! We had all the ingredients ready for a great session.

the preparations

I think one of the most important things when it comes to posing a portrait is to capture something of the personality of the person in front of you, no matter what lighting scheme you use, if in the end you are not able to connect with the person in front of you. and get something out of him or her.

The reference I had to work with was a low key image, so I decided to use the light to take advantage of facial features in a subtle way, and highlight the personality of each of them without losing corporate identity.

Something very important to take into account in corporate portraits, is that they are usually people who are not accustomed to posing in front of a camera, so the approach to them had to be relaxed to gain their trust in a fast way; fortunately, all of them were very kind and from the start they lent themselves to following the instructions I was giving them, which made my work much easier.

the shooting

To facilitate attendance, the session was planned on Friday. When they arrived, Paco showed them some portraits with the final lighting that I had done with him so they could see what we were going to do; already with the customer’s OK we started the session.

As I mentioned before, in the portraits, the details are very important, however subtle they may be; being a session with dark background and clothes, I decided to mix the flash light with continuous light to be able to separate them from the background with a slight diffuse touch that would help differentiate the clothes and the hair from the background in a subtle way; that along with a couple of other details, I think they managed to make a difference to achieve a final result much more enriching than a simple low key image.

The session was great and three hours later we had the corporate portraits and the client very satisfied with the results thanks to the fact that they were able to follow the whole session on the computer screen while shooting.

the retouch

One of the premises that had been stipulated was that they seemed real, we did not want there to be too much retouched; in order not to lose the naturalness, all the skin details were preserved and a very fine cosmetic retouching was carried out with the purpose of not losing the realism.

Well, that’s all folks… I hope you like the final result, I would like to thank Paco Marcó, Jennifer from Insikt Intelligence and the other employees who so generously gave me part of their time to carry out your corporate session.

Have a happy day!


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