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I still remember my first shooting with Santi Poch and Carles Lázaro, then in Rodar y Rodar, for Bruguer with Johan Cruyff and his son. More than 15 years later we continue working together, this time with their own production company, Brotherinlaw Films. On this occasion the client was Lelynx, a French insurance comparator, who had us filming for two long days in which we laughed a lot as always when we worked together.

The Big Moment

In the shootings always happens some unforgettable anecdote, and after two days there are a few. That special moment happened at the end of the first day, we were in a location where we went at night and the scene went by day and to make matters worse, when they started shooting they were almost at the limit of the available hours of the house. In short, a challenge.

At 7:30 p.m. they started to shoot one of the last shots and Santi came to talk to me to tell me how everything was going. Basically, they calculated that they were going to finish shooting around 8:45 pm and at 9:00 pm we should be leaving the house, not to enter extra hours of equipment and location as long as I had finished. How exiting! true? And not to take away even a hint of stimulation had to pre-light the scene with flashes while filming because after they would finish, I’d ran out of the lighting being used to film; as George Cloney would say: What else?

The Plan

There we go! has been said; I spoke with Germán, my assistant, to tell him about the situation and an improvised plan that had occurred to me to see what he thought; with all his good success made a couple of suggestions that allowed us to carry it out (it is one of the things I like most about working as a team, there is always someone who sees it differently and helps you).

Without a minute to lose we started to prepare everything until we had everything ready and wait patiently for them to finish shooting and… Cut!

20:38… now you had to see us, running like Benny Hill on the set while dismantling camera and lights and us by placing the rest of the lighting that we could not fit. At full speed we made a couple of measurements and fired the first pola, tachánnn! Agency and client delighted with the result, except for a couple of art details.

We quickly made a couple of corrections in the attrezzo and I started to shoot as if there was no tomorrow … pass me the 35! … 50! … change! …

21:03… got it!

Images of making off courtesy of Andrés Alcazar

Santi and I looked at each other, laughed and hugged each other, it was no wonder! And best of all, we did not go into overtime.

Finito concerto pianista morto!


Here you can see the final result, a mid-morning sun litted living room shot at 9:00PM in winter time.

Hope you like this little story! Have fun and be happy!

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